Caribbean Butterfly


Continental drift was a very significant stage in the history of the Earth. America's drift away from Africa was particularly clear and interesting event.

Карибская бабочка 1

The result of this drift should have coincided with the red line on the underlying map. By the fact, the Sargasso Sea is indeed a coastal sea. The ancient eel fish continue returning to this sea to spawn.

Карибская бабочка 2

In the middle of the Eastern coast of America, an anomaly is clearly visible. The shape of this anomaly on the map is similar to a butterfly. Since the center of the butterfly and its Southern wing are the Caribbean Sea, we shall call it the Caribbean Butterfly.

Карибская бабочка 3

We may say that the anomaly occurance to be a natural geological process is very doubtful.

More likely, this is a trace of a Global Catastrophe.

The Global Catastrophe occurred as a series of Three explosions

This fact is confirmed by a scientific experiment.

Карибская бабочка 4

The event could be the result of the comet explosion.

When a comet enters the Earth atmosphere, it splits into components - a cloud of meteoric matter, a cloud of water vapor, and a cloud of incandescent gases.

Explosion number 2 is the most destructive. The first and third explosions extinguish the energy of the second explosion and convert it into the shape of a butterfly.

Карибская бабочка 5 Карибская бабочка 6

It is very possible that such a Global Catastrophe occurred 65 million years ago and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.



P.S. It is very funny that I was not allowed to publish such an opinion on the astroforum website. The moderator of the site wrote to me "This is nonsense!". Since it was never written about anywhere. Now it's written!



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